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Mimi Thrasher,
BUSINESS MANAGER AND ASSISTANT, author Coach, Publisher, time expert,
peace maker

Amazon Best-Selling Author of

Success Without Stress-

A Road Map for Busy People.

Mimi Thrasher is a best-selling author and publisher. She started her career in Graphic Design and Finance, but it wasn’t until she spent more than 6 years developing and leading programs for an International Training and Development

Company that she found her way to fulfilling on her life purpose - impacting peace on the planet. 


It is on this journey that she discovered that when individuals have inner peace the world will have outer peace. For each person what brings them peace is different. Therefore,  she supports people in different ways.

1. Assisting overwhelmed entrepreneurs with organization and      time managmenet

2. Helping others articulate and share their vision, passion, and expertise as an author.

3. Increasing wellness & longevity for last chapter living.


Using her love of people and her own great gift of organization, Mimi chose her pathway in the leadership role of impacting peace on the planet one person at a time! If asked, Mimi’s peers would say she is a compassionate team leader and excels at being reliable, dependable and operating with integrity.

As a former triathlete and Masters’ Swim Coach, Mimi is passionate about championship performance.



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