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SUCCESS without stress


Recently I had the privilege to lead to a group of 86 leaders around the world about vision and life purpose.  It was an extraordinary experience to know that I was impacting the planet worldwide through the ripple effect I was causing in each person.  I felt so connected to the planet, it was like I was floating.


Being connected to leaders worldwide took me a whole new level.  By the end of that day I decided to make a series of workshops available that supports people in discovering their life/soul purpose, creating a strategy map to fulfill on that, a life plan to fulfill and creating an energy rich schedule to have it all. These workshops to (re)discover life vision enables people to live a life from their soul purpose.


.....and I have been working with entrepreneurs as a Personal/Executive Assistant and Business Manager, partnering with them to up level their business and meet their goals.  

I help entrepreneurs find ways to create/improve systems and make things simpler so that they have more time and freedom from overwhlem. With my supportive personal/executive assistant services, I look into the future and see what is needed and offer suggestions that elevate performance and enhance the experience of life for the people I work with thereby reducing stress and overwhelm while accelerating productivity to reach revenue goals.


I am at my best when I am in a leadership role collaborating and empowering a team toward a company goal or implementing a vision........Everything I do is to bring more peace to the planet.  I beleive that when individuals have inner peace the world had outer peace.

My superpowers include:

  • Time Management

  • Organization

  • If I can 'see' it I can make it happen

  • Hearing what is in the unsaid

  • Communication

  • Team Empowerment

  • Collaboration

  • Finding ways to improve systems

  • Perfecting processes

  • Operations Strategy

White Pillars
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How I Can help you

I work with entrepreneurs and small business owners to give them the tools to create time freedom. Together, we define goals and execute a collaborative plan of action that achieves unprecedented results. 

Areas of expertise
o    Time Management 
o    Team Productivity & Coordination 
o    Bookkeeping

o    Communication
o    Speaker Concierge 
o    Event Management
o    Graphic Design
o    Wix - Web Design
o    Infusionsoft

o    Business Management

o    Leadership Development & Coaching

Examples of key deliverables

o    Remote team management

o    Establishing structures & policies
o    Eventbrite Management
o    Web development on Wix

o    Social Media Posting
o    Creation of Forms (sponsor/vendor/speaker agreements, photo/video waivers, FAQ’s etc)
o    Designing and maintaining office systems
o    Arranging travel & accommodation
o    Calendar management
o    Making Appointments
o    Liaison with clients, suppliers and staff
o    Meeting preparation
o    Event Management
o    Plan of action and execution to support     your goals

o    Online summits and challenges
o    1 on 1 sessions with Leader


o    Step off the “hamster wheel”
o    Reduce job stress
o    Culture of “we” and partnership
o    Accelerated productivity
o    More done in less time
o    Time freedom
o    Increased vitality/better health
o    Improved performance results

o    More time

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