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Taking Your Business to the Next Level

As an entrepreneur, I always wished there was an entrepreneurs school - a place where I could go to get the information I needed to turbo boost my business successs.

After spending 7-years successfully leading programs for an international training and development company I decided to go into business for myself. I spent the next 8 years learning as much as I could, much of it on a shoestring budget.  I self-taught myself to build websites, do challenges & online summits,  and more.  I hosted a world conference for peace and wrote an Amazon Best Seller, called Success Without Stress.  

All of us have a passion we want to share with others.  What we may not have are all the skills necessary to go into business for ourselves.


Nobody tells you that "You can't do it alone".


In this 7-month program, you get 'how-tos' on a whole host of subjects that you need to have Success Without Stress.  Things such as Creating your year, How to Talk to Clients, Overcoming Boundaries, Sales, Marketing, Branding, Time Management.  Many of these workshops are with guest speakers who are experts in their field.

When you take this journey, you are guided down a path of implementing the action steps that are the best for you and your business. Group coaching and 1 on 1 coaching keep you on the right track and support you when you have questions or concerns.


Every month, there is a Zoom workshop on  a specific topic.  Approximately 2-weeks afterwards is  a team coaching session also on Zoom, where we deepen the distinctions of the workshop.  In between are the 1 on 1 coaching & networking opportunites.  

This is for you if.......

  • You cannot wait to start your business

  • You want to uplevel your business

  • You are a creative flowy person and looking for a structure that will bend with your flow.

  • You are a very structured person looking for efficient processes or inspiration

  • You are tired of researching for what is best out there 

  • You are willing to take action to have success

"Please someone - just point the way!"


What you get is ......

  • 7 - Workshops

  • 7 - Group Goaching Sessions

  • 7 - 1 on 1 Coaching Sessions

  • Access to Experts in their field

  • Networking opportunities

  • 2-months of TWE Membership Program

  • Success Without Stress Training Modules

  • Opportunity to connect your heart & soul energy to your business

Bonuses Included

  • 2-months of TWE Membership Program where you get to network with like-minded individuals and potential clients

  • Success Without Stress training modules

  • Opportunity to connect your heart and soul energy to your business

Value - $27,100 CDN

EIA Tuition - Paid in full - (1) $7,000 CDN


Investment Plan             - (7)  $1,150/mth CDN

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